The UNM EXellence in TRAnslation (EXTRA)center is not accepting any new orders at the moement. We apologize for any inconvienince this might cause.





Welcome from the Director

Picture of Dr. Lois Meyer, director of UNM EX-TRA

Welcome to the EXcellence-in-TRAnslation (UNM EX-TRA) Center at The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. After several years of creative effort, it is my great pleasure to offer to both the general public and the campus community an array of translation services between English and an exciting diversity of world languages. One significant purpose of the Center is to enrich the academic competencies and professional expertise of the skilled and specially trained UNM graduate students who provide our quality translation services. Our goal is to assist YOU in internationalizing YOUR products and efforts by magnifying YOUR impact in a diverse, globalized world.

Dr. Lois Meyer
UNM EX-TRA Director
Professor, Language, Literacy, & Sociocultural Studies

Applied Linguist Spanish/English Translator


UNM EX-TRA's mission is to contract with departments, organizations, agencies, and individuals on and off campus to provide professional quality translation of textual documents into/from world languages. Specially trained UNM bilingual and biliterate graduate students, both domestic and international, who possess sophisticated linguistic and cultural competencies are prepared to complete the translations, overseen by quality control vetters who are faculty and/or experienced translators.

Need and Opportunity

  • Academic support: Support skilled multilingual and multiliterate graduate students’ academic progress and professional development in exchange for quality translations. Graduate translation providers receive specialized, high-quality training on-campus. Also, international students can work on-campus legally with an established center and use their high-level skills to provide a much-needed service while generating an income that is projected to cover their wages and the TC’s overhead. 
  • Internationalization: Expand UNM’s internationalization in the global university market by providing on campus translation of selected written texts from and into diverse world languages (e.g. admissions documents and transcripts; MOUs; letters of reference; UNM and international research scholarship; language specific UNM websites to enable global recruitment), to name only a few needs identified by key UNM administrators, offices and departments. 
  • Academic & Career Document Verification: Provide verification via translation of registration & admissions documents, academic certificates, and by providing quality control for foreign and/or self-translated documents.
  • Cultural, Historical & Linguistic Preservation: Translate academic works from minority languages into English, and translate selected UNM scholarship into world languages, in addition to translation of materials that support cultural venues.
  • Social Services: Prepare and employ international and domestic graduate students as skilled translators; translate materials on housing opportunities, language access, educational resources, job assistance, healthcare assistance, and legal services for speakers of other languages.
  • Civic Outreach: Provide NM agencies, institutions, businesses, museums, and organizations beyond UNM with translation of documents, websites, tourist literature, audiotapes, movie scripts, subtitles, and other materials into/from diverse world languages, in order to expand the outreach and impact of these NM institutions and organizations to linguistically diverse communities locally, statewide, nationally and internationally. 
  • Availability and Convenience: A translation center on the UNM campus would be accessible and would minimize outsourcing.


This initiative is a collaboration between the UNM Global Education Office and the UNM College of Education through its Language, Literacy, & Sociocultural Studies program.